How to Manage Anxiety

1. Confront irrational thoughts caused by anxiety: Anxiety can produce unreasonable thoughts and beliefs. Asking yourself "Is this truly true?" or "What evidence do I have to back this thought?" can help you cast doubt on these ideas. 

2. Use relaxation techniques: Mindfulnes...

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Solitude, you need it!
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Do You Feel Sad?
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Hope in the Darkest Times: A September 11 Story

Life is complex and sometimes unstable for most, but dealing with mental and physical illnesses makes it even harder. Do you know what life is like for a World Trade Center Survivor? Hi, my name is Stevie A. Burke, and I am one of many World Trade Center survivors still struggling with mental and ph...

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So, You've Been Diagnosed With Depression? 

1. Look for expert assistance. You can create coping mechanisms for depression and improve your life with the aid of a mental health specialist. 

2. Look after yourself. Make sure you're exercising, eating well, and getting enough sleep. 

3. Establish relationships. You can feel connected an...

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