Zoho CRM Customization

Fields are used to store data about a record. There are a variety of predefined fields in CRM including autonumber, text , currency, and decimal. Users can also add custom fields to store picklist values, images, or files or use lookup fields to refer to values in other modules.

custom fields

Custom Fields

Create custom fields to capture unique information about your leads, contacts, and deals.

Form Builder

 Design custom forms to collect data and build applications without coding.

Form builder
Reports and dashboard

Reports and Dashboards

Generate custom reports and visualize data using interactive dashboards.


Set up recurring invoices, payment reminders, and automatic bank feeds for streamlined financial management.

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Help Center Customization

Help Center Customization

Create a branded self-service portal with knowledge base articles and FAQs.

Email Templates

Design custom email templates using a drag-and-drop editor or HTML code.