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Since 2020 CCI has made it a mission to research and develop software/applications 

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AAPS-Alcohol Addiction Prevention Software

In response to the 3+ million Americans who die each year from alcohol abuse, alcoholism, and alcohol use disorder (AUD) and the 14.1 million people currently struggling with sobriety, Clean Community Inc., a Software Company, designed Alcohol Addiction Prevention Software Solution for people to connect, communicate and celebrate without the temptation of harmful substances.  Social Media currently has 240+ million active users (10/2021) and offer many positive benefits and fulfill a basic need to communicate and share or to search and explore. However, social media can also cause a great deal of harm in the form of triggers and the glorification of alcohol use and related behaviors.  A countless number of studies have shown a direct link between social media use and underage drinking. Another study published in Alcohol Research found that social media sites purposely expose young people to pro-alcohol messages and images that increase the rate of risky drinking behavior. 

AAPS-Alcohol Addiction Prevention Software
AAPS-Alcohol Addiction Prevention Software


Social media has clear benefits helping us stay connected and it has been especially valuable during the pandemic isolation and distancing. But there is also substantial evidence of the negative impacts of social media use, or overuse, especially among young people. 

Trigger Free

Eliminates Triggers by blocking images and content referencing or related to alcohol.

Worry Free

Communicate, connect and scroll through your feeds without fear; knowing alcohol content will be blocked for you.

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As social media and applications alike become increasingly popular, exposure to alcohol-related content has also increased at an alarming rate. Today's Social Media platforms where images can be uploaded allow users to post pictures that include alcohol-associated content. One of the many challenges of increased alcohol-related content is that overexposure can lead to SUD (Substance Use Disorder) and other mental health conditions. Research demonstrates the need for new methods and solutions to help combat increased underage drinking, prevent trigger-related relapses of those suffering from SUD while preventing alcohol cravings.



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