🌟 **Discover Your Emotional Timelining Journey!** 🌟

An emotional timelining journey involves mapping out significant events in your life and reflecting on the emotions associated with them. This process helps you visualize how your feelings have evolved over time, revealing patterns and insights into your emotional experiences. By documenting and analyzing these emotions.

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey through your emotions? Welcome to the " Emotional Timelining Journal" – the app that lets you visualize and reflect on your emotional highs and lows, connecting the dots to your inner self.

✨ **Why Choose Emotional Timelining?**

- 📈 **Track Your Emotions**: From joy to sadness, watch how your emotions evolve over time.

- 🧠 **Gain Insights**: Understand what triggers your feelings and enhance your emotional well-being.

- 📝 **Express Yourself**: Chronologically document your emotional states and experiences.

🚀 **How to Get Started**

- Click "Request invite to use App".

- **Sign Up for FREE** – No hidden costs, no strings attached.

- Start using the app instantly and begin your emotional journey today!

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Rock Paper Scissors Scoot

Rock Paper Scissors Scoot

Digital Board Game.

Rock Paper Scissor Scoot" is an online multiplayer board game where players play Rock Paper Scissors to gain possession for spots on the game board. In addition, you can win cash prizes and video chat with friends and family.

Sober App, Sober Social Media

Available to Download July 28th, 2024!

Dry Time

Digital Board Game.

New Sober Living, Social Media Fitness Application. 

The main focus of this application is to support and encourage those struggling with addiction. Frequent consumption of alcohol and drugs and not taking care of your overall health can devastate your life. Being healthy is an essential part of our lives. People struggling to have a healthy lifestyle will make the most of this application. This application aims to help you stay focused by helping you track sobriety time, monitoring steps, and sending you daily words of affirmation and motivational quotes. You can also join and host virtual AA, NA, and GA meetings and host and join virtual Yoga and fitness classes. In this application, you can listen to meditation music, receive tokens for your accomplishments, and invite friends.

Sober App, Sober Social Media

Available to download September 18th 2024

Dry Time application

The APPS project is Awaiting NIH funding!

Alocohol Addiction Prevention Software